Thursday, December 9, 2010



Punjabi, Urdu


Khanzada Khan Dilshad Asif Khan Sial(Agronomist,Politician,MSc(HONS) Agriculture) said...

ALLAH is great and superior to all remember always, and the people do not like to repeat the theories of ion- st-ion and Dr.A-Salam but they want to create new ideas as they are very talented to built jhang and Pakistan to come forward in the race of development,Backwardness if is here in your point of view is due to terrorism and illiteracy,there is no now feudalism in the area the people are more knowledgeable due to print and electronic media, only the races are found which are proud to their forefather's achievements and this is not to said cause of jhang's are a sial but so called kammi,it is the jell-icy of other tell them and preach that all the human being belong to Hazrat Adam-alah slam He was the propht of ALLAH.

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