Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gyne Hospital Jhang Pakistan

Gyne Hospital Jhang Pakistan

Gyne Hospital Jhang is situated at Cote Sai Singh, Ghazi Cotton Link Road, Satellite Town, Jhang Sadar, District Jhang, Pakistan.
The Jhang District is amongst the poorest areas of Pakistan.  Statistics show that in Pakistan, every 20 minutes at the time of birth either the mother, the child or both mother and child die due to lack of medical facilities.  That amounts to over 26,000 unnecessary deaths a year!  We decided that we will not let that continue.Realising the dire need of this under-developed and impoverished area of Pakistan, Muslim Charity responded positively.  In October 2003, the land for the proposed Gyne Hospital Jhang was acquired.  Immediately thereafter, construction of the hospital began.  After a short span of 20 months, on 6th July 2005, the Gyne Hospital Jhang opened its doors to the much anticipating and joyous faces of the public.
Since its initiation the Gyne Hospital Jhang has become a serving centre of remarkable repute. Gyne Hospital Jhang provides free medical facilities and healthcare to those who are unable to afford it. Equipped with the latest medical equipment and machinery, Gyne Hospital Jhang’s reputation has grown rapidly as the Jhang District is amongst the poorest areas of Pakistan.
Before Gyne Hospital Jhang first opened many women used to give birth at home in their villages or, if they could afford it, in small underdeveloped clinics. As medical resources were limited and staff was unqualified, many women would lose their children at birth. All praise is due to Allah (most high) after the inauguration of Gyne Hospital Jhang the lives of the people of Jhang have dramatically changed for the better, as the following testimony of a lady in Jhang illustrates:
"We used to travel on the rickshaws, on horse-carriages, women would even ride on bicycles due to the desperate need. Previously it would take us 2-3 hours to go to Faisalabad, 1-2 hours to go to the civil hospital. A pregnant woman cannot even survive for five minutes in her condition. My sister’s child died in this way, we had to make three journeys to and from the hospital and we sometimes couldn’t find nurses and doctors, due to the going and coming from the hospital the child died before birth.Here we have a great facility now, we thank those who built the hospital and provided for us free equipment, free treatment; we have a very good doctor and a brilliant team."
Two qualified doctors and a team of dedicated nurses work round the clock to ensure that as many poor and needy patients as possible are seen to on a daily basis. The beauty of Muslim Charity’s hospitals concept is that doctors and nurses have their living quarters directly behind the hospital and so they are always on site and more than willing to see to patients as and when needed. Dr. Nazia Tariq (FCPS, Gynaecologist at the Gyne Hospital Jhang) explains:
"All the equipment that is required in order to run a successful Gyne Hospital is all present here.  We have all the necessary equipment and qualified personnel to operate them.  When we first started the hospital, on the first day 30 to 40 patients were attended to.  On the very next day there were over a hundred patients at the hospital. And we expect the numbers will increase as people become more and more aware of the hospital."


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